Dog Training

Dog Training

A dog brings a very special joy into our home.  We hope to share that joy with you.  If you have a dog or are thinking about getting one, our site is filled with information and products concerning all aspects of dog ownership.

At DogTrainingJoy, we believe one of the most important aspects of owning a dog is training.  Training your dog is essential.  Training your dog will facilitate a pleasant environment for both you and your dog and create a rewarding relationship for years to come.

Dog training encompass a variety of situations and behaviors from puppy training & house training, basic doggy care, aggressive and other serious behavior problems to crate training and more!  Please explore our site for a host of free information on these issues.  Articles and other resources are updated and added frequently.

Dog Training Starts with You

Dogs are canines, who are pack creatures, and as such, they instinctively create a hierarchy of command.  They have a family structure that is very similar to what, we as humans, thrive in.  It is felt by many trainers, vets and psychologists this is the reason dogs have adapted so well in our homes.  Their pack consists of an alpha female and male (mother/father, boss, coach, etc…) leading a group of followers (children, employees, team members, etc…) who occupy different positions under them. While dogs cannot be said to have ambition, some do constantly test the waters to determine their place in the pack, even to the point of displacing the leaders, insuring the pack has strong leadership. This can also happen in your home when you bring a dog into your family.

Dogs observe the routine and emotional states of humans, especially the leader, and react accordingly.  Of all the animals we bring into our homes, dogs, are the ones, to achieve this ability.  They can actually sense, not only our emotions but also our physical health.  A dog owner must keep in mind they are the leader of the pack.  The attitude and behavior of the leader is very crucial in maintaining a proper atmosphere of trust, concern and contentment.  The successful dog owner/trainer will exemplify the following three characteristics when working with their dog:

  1. Calm
  2. Positive
  3. Focused

These three characteristics work together to help ensure a successful training session and provide the foundation for responding to the dog’s behavior and obtaining the desired results from your dog.  Training a dog takes time, energy and consistency.  Feeling hurried or angry or frustrated when training will negate any positive training efforts.  In our hurry up or instantaneous world, we expect things immediately.  Believe me, that does not always happen when training your dog.

Demonstrating a calm, positive and focused emotional state will help foster a similar emotional state in your dog.  Dogs are responsive creatures and they mirror or mimic the world they see.  Dogs also like structure and routine.  By remaining calm, positive and focused, your training efforts will be rewarded.

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Dog Training Products and Services

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